FS Systems International has a proven track record in providing enterprise solutions over a range of sub-systems that address the specific business risk needs of users within a range of vertical market segments.They offer a full integration service across all aspects of electronic security and low voltage electrical systems.

These products provide more than traditional access control. They enforce business policy, allowing the client to manage multiple clearances, licenses and competences for cardholders and ensure your business meets its duty of care, including health & safety obligations. 


Systems utilize electronic card readers, RFIDs, fingerprint readers and keypads to monitor and control both employees and visitors to site. A sophisticated system facilitates key security and business functions such as the Graphical Monitoring of Plant and Building alarms. These integrated site plans are a graphical representation of the premises and reflect the real-time status of the alarms from various sub-systems.

Technology Partners


FS Systems International partners with the best global technology suppliers of industry leading products and solutions.




The KeyConductor, developed by CaptureTech, is a solution for key storage management. Essentially, it is an electronic key register cabinet. The KeyConductor is available with barcode scanning or with RFID. 

You can choose a configuration that suits your organization’s business or operation. The KeyConductor is designed on the basis of horizontal ‘blades’. A blade is a metal strip containing the KeyConductor technology, with 12 key positions. Various cabinet sizes with different numbers of blades are available. The system can be expanded easily.



The CapLocker, developed by CaptureTech, is a solution for safe and secure business asset storage and management. It can be used for high-risk and/or valuable items such as weapons, pay terminals, laptops, tablets, smartphones et cetera. In addition to your company’s assets, your employees can also store their personal belongings.

Essentially, the CapLocker is an electronic cabinet or locker with various compartments. It is available with pin code, barcode scanning or Radio Frequency Identification (RFID).



eCLIQ Access Control System


eCLIQ is more than a locking system and is based on ASSA ABLOY's group-wide CLIQ technology. eCLIQ is an intelligent system solution based on high-quality precision technology and electronic modules. The system is essentially composed of electronic keys and electronic locking cylinders.



Product Demo


The video below demonstrates the Gallagher Command Centre v7.30- their latest release of a fully intergrated security system.