FS Systems International has extensive experience in integrated electronic life safety platforms for commercial and industrial applications. The company delivers turn-key safety solutions for the protection of people, property and electronic data.

Fire Detection


Early warning devices alert duty staff and occupants in the event of a fire and ensure orderly evacuation if needed. Systems range from entry level through to high sensitivity aspirating smoke detection. Systems can be linked to evacuation, firefighting, building management, PSIM and fire brigade systems.

Emergency Voice Systems


Emergency Voice Evacuation

Public address systems

Nurse call in public health facilities

Fire Fighting


Minimises the spread of fire and limits the damage to affected areas and risk to human life. The system includes:

CO2, Inergen, Novec, FM 200, and Aerosol suppression systems as designed and installed by FS Systems International to OEM specification and the relevant standard.

Emergency Lighting

Emergency Lighting


Environmentally Friendly Low Energy - Low carbon emissions -  Low Maintenance

Technology Partners


FS Systems International partners with the best global technology suppliers of industry leading products and solutions.

Product Demos

Introduction to Securiton ASD 535 - the ultra-sensitive guardian


The ASD 535 incorporates the most powerful fan on the market, which means that larger areas than ever can now be monitored.

An introduction to the Firescape Emergency Lighting System


FIREscape, is a unique, highly cost effective and environmentally friendly emergency lighting system that incorporates the latest in LED and battery technologies.