FS Systems International aims to be the leading African systems integrator in providing end-to-end fire & electronic security solutions, unlocking business value in key industries through the best products, people & processes.


Mining operations face a myriad of security and safety challenges. These include protecting inventory above and below ground, employee and contractor management, induction and safety checks, and emergency evacuations.

FS-Systems has experience in providing Workforce Management, HD IP Video Surveillance, Fire Detection, and Emergency Evacuation Solutions to mining operators through-out Africa and LATAM. We address some of the toughest challenges faced by miners in emerging markets.


Higher education institutions need to strike a balance between providing sufficient security, and safety solutions to the student body, while at the same time creating an environment that is free and open to education, learning and debate.

FS-Systems has over 14 years experience in providing maintenance and new technologies to some of the leading universities in South Africa.


In emerging markets there is a marked shift towards centralised procurement, warehousing and logistics. At FS-Systems we specialise in providing cutting edge  Surveillance, Work Force Management, Locking and Fire Detection Solutions for warehousing and logistics operations. We protect cold storage facilities, warehouses containing high-value items and dispatching bays. Our Electronic Security and Safety Solutions integrate with your logistic solutions to unlock tangible business value add.


The healthcare market is an ever-changing and evolving vertical, the security and life safety solutions need to evolve to match these requirements. Challenges include dealing with natural disasters, identity theft, workplace violence, child abductions, theft and shrinkage of scheduled medicines.

At FS-Systems we follow a partnership approach to understanding and addressing your unique healthcare security and safety challenges.


Strategic facility managers have their hands full with numerous problems that arise daily within the portfolio of facilities they manage. FS-Systems is here to help! We follow a pro-active approach to maintenance and deploy cutting edge technologies to help the facility manager to stay on top of their duties. We give peace of mind to facility managers by ensuring that critical security and safety systems are compliant by providing detailed reporting and tracking of the “health” of system within the Facility Manager’s portofolio. Our dedicated maintenance teams undergo regular training on all products we support and maintain.


Casinos are highly regulated and very susceptible to a number of risks including fraud, cheating, theft, robberies and liability claims. For this reason casinos require state-of-the-art surveillance systems to deal with these matters both proactively and reactively.

The surveillance system also needs to comply with the high standards set by gaming laws designed to protect casinos and punters alike, promoting fair gaming at all times. 

FS-Systems has been fundamental in providing an end-to-end HD IP Surveillance Solutions to some of the world leading gaming operators.


Hotels face numerous safety and security risks such as fire, criminal activities, injury, natural disaster, sabotage, and terrorism. For a hotel operator the recovery costs after a security or safety incident are often much higher than the investment in security and risk management. FS-Systems can assist in finding the balance between the safety and security measures to implement, while at the same time maintaining an open, free and friendly environment for your hotel’s clientele.


Security Risk, if not managed properly, can seriously affect a bank’s ability to operate, result in serious fines, and can cause far reaching reputation damage. Physical security risk is often taken as protecting assets, which it is, but what is actually being protected is a banks ability to operate. It is paramount for banks to proactively identify risks posed to/by critical infrastructure, third party

suppliers, cyber-crime and operational security.

At FS-Systems we have worked in with leading financial institutions, and though implementing leading edge technology solution, helped them better manage and control  risk posed to critical infrastructure from security breaches, fire, and operational disruptions.