Avoid costly system down time and potential facility closures by regulatory authorities. Get the right team on your side FS Systems International has years of experience in the servicing and maintenance of electronic life safety systems. The company's record speaks for itself. With a proactive approach and understanding of the client's needs, FS Systems International has built an impressive list of blue chip clients, including multi-nationals.

The core offering is a complete package of maintenance services to existing and new clients. This includes dedicated teams who service, maintain and repair existing systems irrespective of origin.


Maintenance service is available 24/7, within agreed callout response times. These times form part of the service level agreement as negotiated with the individual client in line with their specific needs and budget.


Maintenance of existing systems on a continuous basis is essential to ensure ongoing building compliance with the relevant codes, and preventing loss of business due to building closures by local authorities or by incident.


FS-Systems International provides:

  • Service and repairs to existing systems.

  • Dedicated team with appropriate qualifications -available 24/7

  • Quick turnaround times within agreed timelines.

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