FS Systems International partners with the best global technology suppliers of industry leading products and solutions. We pride ourselves on Turnkey execution – from system design and documentation to commissioning and system handover. We have extensive experience in integrated electronic life safety platforms for commercial and industrial applications as well as safety solutions for the protection of people, property and electronic data.

High Definition Surveillance Systems


The high definition surveillance systems designed and installed by FS Systems International are purpose engineered for select vertical market segments. By engaging with clients, FS Systems International is able to customise solutions to meet specific business requirements. These include:


  • Protecting mission critical assets

  • Improving plant and asset utilisation

  • Monitoring the implementation of safety and operational procedures

  • Preventing costly downtime

  • Having access to the best evidence for investigations


Through integrating these high definition surveillance systems with the clients’ security, life safety and building sub-systems, FS Systems International is able to unlock true business value-add for the client.

Enterprise Access Control Systems


These products provide more than traditional access control. They enforce business policy, allowing the client to manage multiple clearances, licenses and competences for cardholders and ensure your business meets its duty of care, including health & safety obligations.


Systems utilize electronic card readers, RFIDs, fingerprint readers and keypads to monitor and control both employees and visitors to site. A sophisticated system facilitates key security and business functions such as the Graphical Monitoring of Plant and Building alarms. These integrated site plans are a graphical representation of the premises and reflect the real-time status of the alarms from various sub-systems.

Total Solutions - Safety & Security System Engineering

Businesses that operate in today's environment are accountable to shareholders and to upholding high corporate governance standards. At an operational level, they are constrained by tighter building compliance standards. They face increased physical threats to both life and property, including security issues and the risk of fire and natural disaster.


FS Systems International has a proven track record in providing enterprise solutions over a range of sub-systems that address the specific business risk needs of users within a range of vertical market segments.


FS Systems International offers a full integration service across all aspects of electronic security and low voltage electrical systems.



Avoid costly system down time and potential facility closures by regulatory authorities. Get the right team on your side - FS Systems International - has years of experience in the servicing and maintenance of electronic life safety systems. The company's record speaks for itself. With a proactive approach and understanding of the client's needs, FS Systems International has built an impressive list of blue chip clients, including multi-nationals.



The core offering is a complete package of maintenance services to existing and new clients. This includes dedicated teams who service, maintain and repair existing systems irrespective of origin.


Maintenance service is available 24/7, within agreed callout response times. These times form part of the service level agreement as negotiated with the individual client in line with their specific needs and budget.


Maintenance of existing systems on a continuous basis is essential to ensure ongoing building compliance with the relevant codes, and preventing loss of business due to building closures by local authorities or by incident.


FS Systems International service provides:

  • Service and repairs to existing systems

  • Dedicated team with appropriate qualifications - available 24/7

  • Quick turnaround times within agreed timelines